Web design

Websites are important for two main reasons:
1.) Finding You – Today customers find businesses by hitting the net. Sometimes weeks before their purchase, they’re surfing the web to find exactly what they want. It doesn’t matter if you sell homes or accounting; there are customers actively looking for someone in your field. The question is, are they going to find you or your competition?

2.) Researching You – Once a customer finds your page, you’re being interviewed. People are web-savy and they know when they’ve found a company that they feel like they know and trust. That’s not by accident. Dozens of hours go into making a website and every picture, every paragraph exists to tell your story better than the next company. That begs the question: Who’s writing your story?

Donny Most

Don is probably best known for his co-starring role as Ralph in the long running television series “Happy Days”. Donny has always appreciated the swing and big band style of music and now he delights audiences with a unique show that fuses the swing era with the 50’s cool.

Bathe to Save Tour

A family of five Aussies: Anthony, Rachel, Bella (12), Austin (11) and Aria (10). Not only have we recently sold our belongings, moved into an RV and are touring America for an up close and personal lesson in U.S. history, but we are passionate about the welfare of our four-legged friends.

Studio Physique

Studio Physique™ is the first and only studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Pinellas County to offer the revolutionary Lagree Fitness™ Training Method.

Lagree™ targets the complete spectrum of physical fitness: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Body Composition and Endurance. The Lagree Method™ was developed by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree using exclusive technology and techniques resulting in the most innovative approach to full body conditioning.

Studio Physique™ offers 50 minute group and private classes led by certified Lagree Fitness™ instructors on specialized machines called Megaformers™.


DocScrips provides dispensing services that’s presently being used by over 2,000 physicians and on over 200 military bases in the USA.

Signature Concepts

Signature Concepts is a promotional staffing agency that brings your promotions to life. We offer promotional services throughout the state and in several major markets in the US. – Job Board

Sonic 7 Communications

What we do is Intentional so it is done on purpose, deliberate, calculated, intended, conscious, planned, studied, willful and purposeful. We combine that with the purest meaning of relations – existing connection, significant association between or among things, connection between people or various connections in which people are brought together.

With our proprietary proven processes, not only do we create an intentional message, we connect your company and your message with an intended audience where we make a lasting connection. It’s about bringing people together who want to rally behind a movement, an initiative or cause that touches them or compels them to take action.

Elliott Wislar

Elliott W. Wislar has a living family legacy that spans more than four generations in the Princeton, New Jersey area, which can easily be seen and felt through the numerous professional and charitable endeavors.

While excelling in his career, Elliott has continued that philosophy of giving back and has maintained an actively strong role in his community and various charitable organizations.


SeaMule provides land based angler with a compact fishing caddy, designed to take their gear to where they fish. Whether you fish from a pier, beach, shore, or wade fish, SeaMule will get you there. SeaMule has multiple add on options, which are interchangeable between the caddies. This allows each angler to customize his/her caddy to their specific needs. Built with corrosion resistant materials, SeaMule is built to last. A lifestyle brand that connects everything and everyone with love for fishing.


UNATION is an Events, Branding, and e-Commerce social platform, designed to enhance the meaningful and relevant social experience of individuals and corporations.

Our mission is to permanently change the way individuals, households and businesses connect with each other through the most advanced, event-driven social media network ever created.

For the first year and a half I was the only UI/UX front-end developer. From concept to working prototype. I was responsible for everything from mock-ups/wireframes, logo design, HTML/CSS and all marketing materials.

Anthony Amos

Anthony Amos is a multi-founding franchisor and ultimate partnership expert. A Hungry entrepreneur that loves start ups and franchising on a global basis!

Tri Wetsuit Rentals

Tri Wetsuit Rentals is a Tampa based wetsuit rental company specializing in renting triathlon wetsuits. They offer easy shipping to and from along with the option to purchase the wetsuit if so desired.

Tianna Bartoletta

Tianna Bartoletta was the lead leg for the women’s 4×100-meter relay with Alyson Felix, Carmelita Jeter, and Bianca Knight. Together this all-star team brought home the Olympic gold medal for the USA, breaking the the world record by half a second with a 40.82 run.

The Highstreet Group

The Highstreet Group is a collection of independent companies that offer investment strategies designed to meet the needs of our clientele in today’s ever changing financial markets. These strategies are available to institutional investors, trust companies, professional associations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

John Bartoletta

John Bartoletta is the founder and managing member of The Highstreet Group and he also is the founder and managing member of UNATION. An Events, Branding, and e-Commerce social platform.

Bowers Vein Institute

Vein Specialist William Bowers, MD,FACS, RPVI, RPhS is the founder and Medical Director of Bowers Vein Institute in Pinellas Park, Florida. The Bowers Vein Institute is a cutting edge, state-of-the-art center that provides comprehensive care for patients with reticular veins, spider veins, varicose veins, and other venous diseases.

Capital Trading Fund

The company offers and uncorrelated investment strategy designed to meet the needs of our clientele in today’s ever changing financial markets. This strategy is available to qualified eligible institutional investors, trust companies, professional associations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.